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We are at the edge of Human Relations and Human Resources topics.

We share what we have learned, discovered and experienced throughout the years to bring your potential to the highest level.

In our approach successful implementation and consistent follow-through are key. 

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Van Hecke

Owner  - Talent Developer

Every morning I get up with the will to make a change to people's lives and work. Having an impact on people's functioning and well-being is the best motivator ever. In everything I do, hope and positivism is my guide line.

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Linsey Debosschere

Owner - HR Consultant

I love to see people grow and to work with teams in a local or international context. My passion is to share with other hr professionals and people leaders what I know. When people are eager to learn and get the support from the organisation, many domains of HR can be acquired in an accelerated way.

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How Can WE Help You


Start up an HR department that transcends the transactional personnel service and takes your company to the next level of professionalism. We steer the organization through changes taking place in the field of People, Processes and digital Platforms.


We guide you through the process of recruitment and onboarding with interviews, valid and reliable testing tools, thorough debriefs, recommendation and advice.

We function as a soundboard to management in making the right choices in their recruitment process.



We help organizations to explicit their mission and key objectives. 

We train and coach people and teams to maximize their potential and contribute to the company's growth.

Wellbeing, flow and positive mindset are a constance in all interaction.